Pro-tekt Robbins  Must Have Tan PRRK002E


Must Have Tan

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  • Colors Available
Robbins Pro-tekt Sea and Earth EKPT70L27EW
Sea and Earth
Robbins Pro-tekt Peppery Gray EKPT70L28EW
Peppery Gray
Robbins Pro-tekt Wood Crest EKPT70L26EW
Wood Crest
Robbins Pro-tekt Fall Favorite EKPT70L24EW
Fall Favorite
Robbins Pro-tekt Vintner Brown EKPT70L25EW
Vintner Brown
Robbins Pro-tekt Nomadic Tan EKPT70L23EW
Nomadic Tan
Robbins Pro-tekt Weathered Warmth EKPT70L21EW
Weathered Warmth
Robbins Pro-tekt Sandcastle EKPT70L22EW
Robbins Pro-tekt Barely There EKPT70L20EW
Barely There
Pro-tekt Robbins  Stonework Tan PRRK009E
Stonework Tan
Pro-tekt Robbins  Cavernous Gray PRRK010E
Cavernous Gray
Pro-tekt Robbins  Garden Mist PRRK006E
Garden Mist
Pro-tekt Robbins  Windward Taupe PRRK007E
Windward Taupe
Pro-tekt Robbins  Timber Lake PRRK008E
Timber Lake
Pro-tekt Robbins  Sunrise Lane PRRK003E
Sunrise Lane
Pro-tekt Robbins  Carefree Greige PRRK004E
Carefree Greige
Pro-tekt Robbins  Stylish Living PRRK005E
Stylish Living
Pro-tekt Robbins  Peppery Gray EKPT70L28EN
Peppery Gray
Pro-tekt Robbins  Understated Taupe PRRK001E
Understated Taupe
Pro-tekt Robbins  Must Have Tan PRRK002E
Must Have Tan
Pro-tekt Robbins  Fall Favorite EKPT70L24EN
Fall Favorite
Pro-tekt Robbins  Vintner Brown EKPT70L25EN
Vintner Brown
Pro-tekt Robbins  Wood Crest EKPT70L26EN
Wood Crest
Pro-tekt Robbins  Sea and Earth EKPT70L27EN
Sea and Earth
Pro-tekt Robbins  Barely There EKPT70L20EN
Barely There
Pro-tekt Robbins  Weathered Warmth EKPT70L21EN
Weathered Warmth
Pro-tekt Robbins  Sandcastle EKPT70L22EN
Pro-tekt Robbins  Nomadic Tan EKPT70L23EN
Nomadic Tan
Pro-tekt Robbins  Earthen Tone EKPT60L03EN
Earthen Tone
Pro-tekt Robbins  Sail Away EKPT60L04EN
Sail Away
Pro-tekt Robbins  Dreamy Shade EKPT60L05EN
Dreamy Shade
Pro-tekt Robbins  Naturally Tan EKPT60L01EN
Naturally Tan
Pro-tekt Robbins  Toffee Melt EKPT60L02EN
Toffee Melt

Product Attributes

ColorMust Have Tan
EdgePainted Micro-Beveled Edge and Ends
ApplicationResidential or commercial
Width9.1 in
Length60 In
Thickness6 mm
Finish CoatingUrethane
LocationBelow, On or Above Ground
Installation MethodLocking