How To Choose An Outdoor Rug

When imagining an outdoor rug, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A welcome mat for the front door? A bamboo roll-up? Artificial grass? The fact is, modern-day outdoor rugs now come in thousands of designs that are perfect for adding color, texture and pattern to outdoor living areas. They provide long-lasting comfort and style, and are a fun and trendy way to change the look of your space. Built with outdoor usage in mind, and made from synthetic materials, they are generally more durable and easy to clean.

So how do you choose the perfect outdoor rug? Channel your inner designer by following these tips:

  • Decide on a shape (rectangle, round or square), then measure the area for accurate sizing. Be sure to add an extra two feet on all sides for rugs going under a table, so chairs have enough room to be pushed out without sliding off the rug.
  • Determine the type of pattern you like: traditional, geometric, tropical, etc.
  • Choose a color that balances your space and complements existing décor. With neutral furniture, a vivid rug can add excitement to an area; if your furniture is brightly colored, a muted faux sisal may be the key to creating a more relaxed environment.
  • Don’t forget a rug pad! In addition to anchoring the rug, pads allow the underside to breathe.
  • To help extend the life of your rug, we recommend rotating it every 6 months.