Robbins Pro-tekt Autumn Wave PPRK005E


Autumn Wave

  • 43
  • Colors Available
Robbins Pro-tekt Luxe Living PPRM002E
Luxe Living
Robbins Pro-tekt Eclectic Home PPRS010E
Eclectic Home
Robbins Pro-tekt Nuanced Gray PPRK008E
Nuanced Gray
Robbins Pro-tekt Deep Valley PPRK009E
Deep Valley
Robbins Pro-tekt Owl Hill PPRK006E
Owl Hill
Robbins Pro-tekt Lighter Shade PPRK007E
Lighter Shade
Robbins Pro-tekt Sand Hued PPRK004E
Sand Hued
Robbins Pro-tekt Autumn Wave PPRK005E
Autumn Wave
Robbins Pro-tekt Mindful Pale PPRK003E
Mindful Pale
Robbins Pro-tekt Oyster Shores PPRK001E
Oyster Shores
Robbins Pro-tekt Sea and Earth EKPT70L27EW
Sea and Earth
Robbins Pro-tekt Peppery Gray EKPT70L28EW
Peppery Gray
Robbins Pro-tekt Wood Crest EKPT70L26EW
Wood Crest
Robbins Pro-tekt Fall Favorite EKPT70L24EW
Fall Favorite
Robbins Pro-tekt Vintner Brown EKPT70L25EW
Vintner Brown
Robbins Pro-tekt Nomadic Tan EKPT70L23EW
Nomadic Tan
Robbins Pro-tekt Weathered Warmth EKPT70L21EW
Weathered Warmth
Robbins Pro-tekt Sandcastle EKPT70L22EW
Robbins Pro-tekt Barely There EKPT70L20EW
Barely There
Pro-tekt Robbins  Stonework Tan PRRK009E
Stonework Tan
Pro-tekt Robbins  Cavernous Gray PRRK010E
Cavernous Gray
Pro-tekt Robbins  Garden Mist PRRK006E
Garden Mist
Pro-tekt Robbins  Windward Taupe PRRK007E
Windward Taupe
Pro-tekt Robbins  Timber Lake PRRK008E
Timber Lake
Pro-tekt Robbins  Sunrise Lane PRRK003E
Sunrise Lane
Pro-tekt Robbins  Carefree Greige PRRK004E
Carefree Greige
Pro-tekt Robbins  Stylish Living PRRK005E
Stylish Living
Pro-tekt Robbins  Peppery Gray EKPT70L28EN
Peppery Gray
Pro-tekt Robbins  Understated Taupe PRRK001E
Understated Taupe
Pro-tekt Robbins  Must Have Tan PRRK002E
Must Have Tan
Pro-tekt Robbins  Fall Favorite EKPT70L24EN
Fall Favorite
Pro-tekt Robbins  Vintner Brown EKPT70L25EN
Vintner Brown
Pro-tekt Robbins  Wood Crest EKPT70L26EN
Wood Crest
Pro-tekt Robbins  Sea and Earth EKPT70L27EN
Sea and Earth
Pro-tekt Robbins  Barely There EKPT70L20EN
Barely There
Pro-tekt Robbins  Weathered Warmth EKPT70L21EN
Weathered Warmth
Pro-tekt Robbins  Sandcastle EKPT70L22EN
Pro-tekt Robbins  Nomadic Tan EKPT70L23EN
Nomadic Tan
Pro-tekt Robbins  Earthen Tone EKPT60L03EN
Earthen Tone
Pro-tekt Robbins  Sail Away EKPT60L04EN
Sail Away
Pro-tekt Robbins  Dreamy Shade EKPT60L05EN
Dreamy Shade
Pro-tekt Robbins  Naturally Tan EKPT60L01EN
Naturally Tan
Pro-tekt Robbins  Toffee Melt EKPT60L02EN
Toffee Melt

Product Attributes

ColorAutumn Wave
ConstructionRigid Core
Color VariationMost
Surface TypeEmbossed
Surface TextureEmbossed
Width7.87 in
Length60 In
Thickness5 mm
Finish CoatingUrethane
LocationBelow, On or Above Ground
Installation MethodLocking