Flooring to Cool Your Home

Flooring to cool your home Naples, FL | Hadinger Flooring

With record high temperatures peaking around the nation this summer, homeowners everywhere are looking for effective, energy-efficient solutions that can help keep the cool indoors. In addition to evaluating your windows and the weather strips in your doorways, did you know that your flooring choices can contribute to keeping the…

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Embracing the Coastal Look

Embracing the coastal look | Hadinger Flooring

For many families, this summer has presented a series of unique challenges that have forced us to put our vacations on hold and think creatively about finding new ways to relax at home. If you were looking forward to that trip to the coast or heading down south to the…

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Waterproof for the Win

Waterproof flooring | Hadinger Flooring

Life is messy. We get it. Whether you have a house full of kids, furry friends, or both, the team at Hadinger Flooring showroom in Naples, FL understands that you need carpet and flooring that stands up to the demands of your hectic lifestyle. This is why leading…

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Summer Flooring Trends for 2020

Summer flooring trends Naples, FL | Hadinger Flooring

After springtime produces lush growth for our plants and our yards, we have the entire summer to enjoy the beautiful new life everywhere we turn! With the extra time indoors these past few months, you may have noticed a few areas in your home that could use some stylish rejuvenation.…

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Sun-Sational Savings Sale

Sun Sational Savings flooring | Hadinger Flooring

We know that the summer season is upon us when the days get brighter, longer, and full of sunshine. Nothing lifts our spirits like stepping outside to a beautiful, radiant afternoon full of warm energy and lush color. Now, it’s time to shine some light in your home with gorgeous…

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Pet-Friendly Flooring Choices

Spacious bedroom carpet flooring | Hadinger Flooring

Do you love your furry friends as much as (or, gasp, more than) people? If so, this blog post is for you!Recently, it was estimated that over 85 million US households have a pet, and pet ownership nationwide is on the rise. For those of us who love our pets,…

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Come Shop With Us!

The showroom is open and it looks a little different! For one thing, we’re wearing our masks, and we ask that you do, too. And our stylish and earth-friendly 2020 flooring collection is here: beautiful carpet patterns and weaves that are 100% recycled when you replace them, tile for your…

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10 Outdoor Rugs You’ll Love

Outdoor rug | Hadinger Flooring

The sun is out and we’re approaching the official start to summer…and what a year it’s been! Here at Hadinger Flooring, we can’t think of a better time to spruce up that outdoor space and start taking advantage of the beautifully warm weather.Whether you have a small space or a…

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How to Pick the Perfect Rug for Your Bedroom

Pick perfect rug for bedroom | Hadinger Flooring

Area rugs are a wonderfully easy way to give any room a complete makeover without breaking the bank or taking up any unnecessary time on your well-deserved weekends. Area rugs are not just about looks; they also help to keep the room warm and cozy during the winter months, protect…

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Wood-Look Flooring for Your Kitchen

Wood looks for kitchen | Hadinger Flooring

What is it about the kitchen that makes it the heart of the home? Whether it’s the dinner simmering on the stove or the aroma of rolls baking in the oven, the kitchen is a gathering place for all members of the family—the place where everyone can reconnect and spend…

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